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A Guru

Everyone believes “Guru as Brahma”…

Guru should be perfect as he takes an important role in pupil’s life. A perfect Guru can mould students to any extent and make wonders. Therefore a Guru should be perfect in teaching as well as in other aspects.

Teaching Faculty

Our school has three groups of faculty.

Group – I Works for kindergarten
Group – II for Primary School
Group – III for High school

Kindergarten Faculty (Group – I) are well trained in maintaining of the little children here they teach mannerism, discipline, good habits, good languages, good behavior etc.,. It is like a play school (here a teacher almost plays a mother role).

In Group – II…The faculty specially focus on basic education...reading , writing skills, discipline, planning, hard work etc.,.

In Group – III… Here we mainly focus on the result. The staff, including Directors involves with the children in all aspects for a good result. Children are given intensive care by conducting special classes by the teachers as well as the Management. Here we enjoy the fruits of our hard work. So far, all our SSC board examination students achieved 100% result.

Teachers are not made.. they are born.

Behind every successful student there is a teacher. A teacher must be a role model in student’s life. As a candle melts itself and give light to all, a teacher should enhance the child’ knowledge.