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Salient Features

Quality Education

Our school is known for “Quality Education”. To maintain the quality, the quantity should be less. Believing this, we admit only 25-30 children in each group to maintain the quality. A teacher can pay personal attention on each and every student when the number of students are less in the class.

Discipline and Planning

Success always needs good plan and discipline. In our school discipline is always stressed upon and no compromise is made in this regard. Any well planned organization will never fail. Plan and discipline play a major role in success. Hence every child should be taught about plan and discipline from childhood.

Hard work

It is known to everyone that “hard work always pays and hard work never goes waste”.

The great personalities of the world like Mr. Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Colgate, Mr. Tata, Mr. Birla succeeded in their lives by doing hard work and being honest and sincere. Children must be trained to work hard to reach their goal.

Specially, we also educate the illiterate parents and we counsel them how to bring up their children.